What People Wear to the Highland Games

What People Wear to the Highland Games

Highland games have undoubtedly been a traditional part of Scottish culture for many years. The majority of towns and villages in the country will host their own Highland games at least once throughout the summer. Naturally, the events attract many tourists from around the world who are unlikely to have had the chance to experience an event such as this before.

Newcomers to Highland games always tend to have questions about exactly what goes on, where to stay and what they need to do to feel comfortable and get the most out of the event. One common issue where people trip up is when deciding what to wear to the event. Highland games can be events that call for a little bit of glamour, but they also require practical clothing that is suitable for an outdoor setting. This article will run through some of the choices that are available for both men and women.

Clothing Options for Women

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No matter how tempting it may be, high-heeled shoes are best avoided at the vast majority of Highland games events as they take place in fields that may often be wet and muddy. If you want to wear something special, then it is generally best to save it for the ceilidh that may take place following the games.

What Men Should Wear

The kilt is, of course, the traditional item of clothing for a Highland games event. Traditionally made kilts cost several hundred pounds, and while they make a great souvenir of a trip to Scotland, they are generally too expensive for most tourists. Instead, most people who want to wear one for a day or two decide to rent one when they visit. It’s usually possible to rent a kilt with a particular tartan, either one that you like or one that represents a little bit of your family history, so long as you leave plenty of time to make arrangements.

If a kilt isn’t for you, then don’t worry; the vast majority of locals attending Highland games won’t go to this level of effort. Turn up in jeans, hard-wearing shoes and a jacket (always be prepared for rain!), and you will be able to blend into the crowd without having any issues.

Highland games can be an excellent highlight of any trip to Scotland, and making sure that you look the part will make the memories and photos that you take away with you even more special.