Traditional Scottish Dress for Women

Traditional Scottish Dress for Women

Highland games are annual events that are an integral part of Scottish culture. Every year there are a series of events held in different areas of Scotland and during different months of the summer, giving tourists a wide window of opportunity to attend the games. Another tradition, the wearing of Scottish traditional dress, is only worn on special occasions including the Highland Games. Men may be seen in their tartan kilt attire with women dressed in ankle-length tartan skirts complete with a shawl or sash. However, most people who attend the games wear practical clothes, strong boots and carry a rain coat just in case.

Stylish Black Trousers

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Women’s Traditional Dress in Scotland

If you opted for black trousers during the daytime activities, you may want to wear a Scottish traditional dress for women in the evening especially if you are dancing the night away at a ceilidh. For a traditional look, choose an ankle-length, pleated tartan skirt with a matching blouse and tartan sash worn over the shoulder to complete the look. You may want to go all the way and purchase a pair of ghillies, a leather shoe similar to ballet shoes, especially designed for dancing with laces that tie in a criss cross pattern above the ankles. If you want an even older traditional dress from the sixteenth century, opt for an arisaid consisting of a long length of cloth.The cloth should be pleated at the waist secured by a leather belt, and the remaining cloth thrown over the shoulder and fastened with a brooch on the chest.

There are also a range of modern tartan dress styles available if you want to go that way. Modern styles include pleated tartan miniskirts, dresses, jackets, tunics, waistcoats, capes, and full length tartan dresses. The choice is yours. Choose black trousers for the daytime (or night) and traditional or modern tartan styles for the evening entertainment.