How to Prepare for Highland Games Traditions

How to Prepare for Highland Games Traditions

Spring and summer time is a remarkable time of the year for Scottish people and fans of their culture. People come together from all over the globe to enjoy highland games traditions. The events are also held at different locations and it is easy to pick a destination of your closest convenience. To get the full experience out of them, here are some tips on how you can prepare for one

Familiarize with the Games

The games take center stage. They are more commonly referred to as heavy events. The caber toss is the most famous one. It involves the participants holding a long log and attempting to toss it so that it turns over. Other popular games are stone put, Scottish hammer throw and tug-of-war.

Dress the Part

A key element in any of the Highland Games Traditions is the traditional Scottish attire. Even if you are not Scottish and plan to attend, grab yourself an outfit. More commonly recognized is the kilt for men. Kilts are worn by Scottish men with a huge sense of pride and honor.

They hold great historical significance and nothing else could best fit the Highland games tradition.

Get Ready to Dance

The Scottish are known for their unique sense of music and dance. The most memorable part of this is usually the pipe bands that adorn the events from the beginning to the end, opening and closing for the games. The bagpipes are in fact the signature sound for Scottish culture. They are also a rich source of entertainment.

Don’t forget to completely immerse yourself in the entire experience. Have conversations, try the food and most importantly, see what you can take part in. Be prepared to take with you some souvenirs that can be found being sold by the vendors on site. You might also be lucky to witness a mock battle that would take you closer to the heart of Scotland