What Can you do with a degree in Math?

What Can you do with a degree in Math?

If you have a passion for mathematics but are not sure if you should jump into a mathematics education feet first and aren’t even sure what you can do with a degree in math, look no further. Here are some of the career paths that you can consider with a degree in mathematics:


You can work up front at the counter or helping people invest their money. There is no shortage of mathematics involved in the world of banking.

Actuarial Services

Math helps us understand risk, especially when it comes to finances. Actuaries are math experts and use their wisdom to help advise people on where to take their money and their businesses. They are integral parts of strategy development and implementation.


Statistics are a different kind of math from finances, but is a field that is equally important. Government agencies and private companies alike are always looking for help understanding and interpreting their data and statistics.


With a degree in math, you can continue on with your education and training and enter the vast and exciting world of engineering where you will leverage a balance of mathematics and scientific knowledge to solve the world’s problems.