Why is Math so Important?

Why is Math so Important?

Education in mathematics is important, that is something many of us are told and learn from a very young age. Have you ever wondered why exactly it is so important?

Numbers are everywhere

Firstly, an education in math that carries through secondary and post secondary helps us prepare to be able to handle all of the numbers that are thrown at us everyday. Things as simple as being able to read a clock are considered to be math and impact our day to day. On a more advanced level, learning math includes things like financial literacy which can help us do everything from make a grocery budget for the week to buy and understand the terms of a mortgage.

Math is analytical

Beyond just understanding what comes from manipulating numbers, math helps us become more analytical thinkers. It helps us understands causes and effects as well as how events and relationships work in different circumstances and situations. It helps us be objective in our thinking and make data driven decisions and analysis.

Math helps keep an open mind

Some of the ways that math works and is taught help us understand the complexity of the things around us. Math can explain things that we may have otherwise thought unexplainable and even understanding that an equation can be reversed or re engineered can indirectly lead us to think differently about many other things in our lives as well.

Math helps us measure

Math helps measure everything from a cup of sugar to our own height. It helps us understand that 10/10 is a good rating and 1/10 is not, leading us to understand the difference between good and bad in many circumstances and situations.