Scotland’s Best Universities

Scotland’s Best Universities

Scotland is well known for many things, one of which is its world class education and educational institutions. The students who choose to study at any of the country’s various universities come from all over the world. There are several universities in Scotland, each unique. Below are some of the top universities in the country:

University of Edinburgh

This school is actually ranked 18th in the entire world and, having been around since 1583, is one of the top ten oldest universities in the world. If you have or do ever get the chance to study at the school, or, at the very least, visit the town where it is located, you will not be disappointed as it maintains a medieval street plan and its medieval feel. This university is an integral part of the city’s overall success and reputation as the students make up a good portion of the cultural melting pot and the artistic and vibrant ambiance.

University of Glasgow

The largest Scottish university per capita/student, this ranks in the top ten oldest universities as well. The university dates back as far as 1451, thereby holding rich history and a very strong identity. It is the nucleus of the Hillhead neighbourhood is Glasgow, a neighbourhood known for its cultural richness and artistic focus. As a city, Glasgow is a popular destination for students from near as far as it is very vibrant with a fantastic food and arts scene.

University of St. Andrews

Would you believe that this university is older than either of the previous two? Dating back to 1410, it is the oldest of what are known as the ‘ancient universities of Scotland’. It still makes the list of top 100 universities in the world and top 20 in the entire UK.

St. Andrews is mostly a university town but known also for great golf. One third of the town is students and a good portion of the residents work at the university and therefore the university plays a large role in the town and the sense of community is strong. With the university playing such a central role in local life, the community atmosphere here is hard to beat.

University of Aberdeen

This university focuses heavily on the arts and has a campus that is beautiful and rich in history. Having been founded in 1495, much of the historic and Victorian architecture has been preserved.

University of Strathclyde

The third largest university in the country is also located in Glasgow and has approximately 15000 students doing or studying at the undergraduate level alone. This university is forward thinking and focuses on innovation and technology, having recently opened a Technology and Innovation Center which aims to change and modernize the way that research and those conducting research collaborate and innovate.

These universities are only a handful of the institutions available for local and international students who wish to study in Scotland. The country is a great choice for anyone looking for a well rounded educational experience.